Document Control

PMIV DocControl is a web-based, project management collaboration platform designed from the ground up for the needs of the Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) industry. Over the last 19 years Integral Vision has developed this solution combining its own deep domain expertise with the experiences from its customers. PMIV’s proven performance has been instrumental to our customer satisfaction rate and has lead to multiple long-term engagements with customers such as Bechtel, Meissner & Wurst, Ipedex, Stone & Webster, KFM, CC Myers, FCI, and Caltrans. PMIV has been used on projects ranging in size from $20 million to over $6 billion.

PMIV DocControl is a collaboration platform that provides:

Automatic captures of all project documentation & communication

PMIV DocControl module handles all document circulation. Outgoing documents, are automatically created by the system while incoming documents, including emails & attachments, are captured & logged. The platform also keeps track of all project contacts including: Clients, Contractors, Vendors and project personnel.

Find relevant information instantly

PMIV DocControl allows for easy handling of distribution lists, cross-references, full search and action items. The module handles all forms of documents including Request for Information (RFI), Request for proposal (RFP), Submittals, Meeting Minutes and Telephone calls. Instantly find the latest, and most relevant document.

Unlimited, User Defined Document Numbering Structures

PMIV DocControl is linked to PMIV Project Information which maintains various project elements used throughout your project, including: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), cost types, user codes, standard curves, funding, currencies, calendars and unit of measurement. The user codes are later used to produce ad-hoc reports, satisfying shareholders and other external parties without affecting the way you control your project.

Retain control of your documents

PMIV DocControl allows Client/Owner and the Prime to each maintain their own documents database, allowing each party to retain control of their respective documents while still collaborating in real-time. The platform synchronizes the data, hence defining and securing the ownership of the information, while minimizing the rehandling of data and allowing for the full benefits of real-time collaboration.

Single Executive Portfolio View

PMIV DocControl allows the executive to organize a series of related projects into a single portfolio; consisting of reports that capture project objectives, costs, timelines, accomplishments, resources, risk and other critical factors. Executives can then regularly review entire portfolios, spread resources appropriately and adjust project to produce the highest returns.

Custom Management Reporting

PMIV DocControl provides the Client, Executive, and Management Level with readily accessible status information and easy data query capability. The platform allows for full drill down capabilities through all aspects of the system. Everyone stays informed and gets the information they need without interfering with the actual project management.

Full lifecycle management of all Project Documentation

PMIV DocControl provides full lifecycle management of all project documentation. User defined record plans determine where and how long; while the easy user interface allows for archiving and retrieving key documents. Preserving and sharing this knowledge for future projects.

Integrated Daily Diary & Electronic Data Delivery

PMIV DocControl provides direct access to crucial information for individuals on the field. Daily Diary directly incorporates labor, equipment, operational, and materials information into the system. Leveraging the latest in web and mobile technologies to empower those on the fields while enriching the quality of the information provided to executive members.

Easy to Deploy & No Maintenance Required

The web based On-Demand (SaaS) nature of the solution allows for rapid deployment, and hassle free maintenance. Customers can elect to host the solution internally on their own hardware or take full advantage of a completely hosted solution, hardware-free setup. Through customer feedback and our ongoing R&D, PMIV is constantly evolving; the hosted nature of the solution allows you to always have access to a solution that fits your changing needs.