Featured Kiewit Project – KFM Skyway Project

In January 2002, a Kiewit-led joint venture was selected to construct the over $1.09 billion “Skyway Segment” of the eastern span crossing the San Francisco Bay from Yerba Buena Island to the city of Oakland, California. Considered Phase One of a four-phase seismic retrofit to replace the existing double deck steel bridge, the project is the largest single contract in Caltrans history. When complete in February 2006, the two new twin precast segmental bridges will accommodate five lanes of traffic in each direction and a bike path on one side.

The superstructure consists primarily of precast segmental concrete box girders erected using the balanced cantilever method.The substructure consists of concrete-filled steel footings supported by steel-cased, cast-in-place concrete piles.

Project operations include access dredging, pile fabrication and driving, steel footing shell placement, pier construction and precast segment erection. The 1.2-mi.-long 14-span bridge deck consists of 452 precast segments, each weighing as much as 750 tons, among the heaviest ever lifted; over 288,000 cu. yd. of concrete; more than 30,000 tons of reinforcing steel; more than 36,000 tons of structural steel; and 160, 8-ft.-dia. cast-in-place steel shell piling. The 300-ft.-long bridge piles are the largest ever driven in the Bay area.

In June 2002, KFM decided to use PMIV on their project. All the current data was transferred into PMIV, their templates were incorporated into the Document Management module. Within few weeks there were up and running.

With Caltrans using also PMIV, and not sharing their data with the prime, we decided to synchronize the databases to minimize re-handling of data, copying and scanning.

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