Featured Bechtel Projects

– Kuala Lumpur Light Rail Transit (LRT) Project

Bechtel selected Integral Vision to implement the project control system on their $1.85 Billion Kuala Lumpur Light Rail Transit (LRT) Project. The project was one of the largest rail projects to be built on a fast-track schedule. The system links the eastern and western suburbs with the downtown business district of Kuala Lumpur. It uses fully automated driverless technology and is the world’s largest transit system to use the linear induction motor system.

The project includes 24 stations, of these 17 are elevated, 2 are at-grade and 5 are underground. Approximately 15 miles (24.2 kilometers) of concrete box girder viaduct structures traverse through densely populated suburban and urban areas. Two parallel tunnels run under the center of city with a 3-mile (5-kilometer) tunnel segment running directly under and parallel to a river where the alignment transitions from aerial to underground, top-down construction was used in the bank of a river subject to monsoon flooding.

Top-down construction was also completed for the underground Benteng Station that was immediately adjacent and below a 20-story reinforced concrete frame building. The project also included relocation of a major (275/132 kV) transmission line for the national electric utility and provision of all traction power facilities for the light rail system.

– Caltrans Contract: 04A0246

Managing and maintaining the structural integrity of California’s state-owned and operated toll bridges is one of the most important challenges facing the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), a task that was underscored in the wake of the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 that seriously damaged the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Now, Caltrans has allocated an estimated $2.6 billion to seismically retrofit five Northern California toll bridges, including the Bay Bridge, plus the Vincent-Thomas Bridge that spans the Port of Los Angeles, and the Coronado Bay Bridge in San Diego. Nowhere in the world have bridges as structurally complex as these been seismically reengineered to withstand the structural harm posed by potential earthquakes that are a constant threat to this state.

To help in this monumental task, Bechtel Infrastructure Corporation, a global engineering-construction organization, responded to a request for proposal from Caltrans to assist in the retrofitting program. Issues surrounding the program included a finite program fund and the need to consolidate legacy system integration and business processes. Bechtel’s solution was to take commercially available software and develop it into a Program Management Information System (PMIS) designed specifically for the Caltrans retrofit program.

Bechtel selected Integral Vision, because of its domain expertise, to accomplish that task.

Based on Integral Vision’s recommendation to analyze the needs of the Client before proposing a software, Integral Vision surveyed and analyzed, in a very detail methodology, fifteen (15) different software providers covering major functions such as: Estimating, Project Control, Contract Administration and Planning and Scheduling. The selection panel composed of Bechtel and Caltrans individuals selected the software providers that fit the closest the needs of Caltrans.

Integral Vision introduced also the Scope Breakdown Structure (SBS) to Caltrans for its Capital Outlay projects. Caltrans had a Work Breakdown Structure just for Capital Outlay Support Projects only. The SBS is still in use on the Toll Bridge Program projects.

Knowing that none of the software providers will encompass the full spectrum of the Project Management tool, Integral Vision used, free of charge, some of its PMIV modules when the functionality was missing from others. After a lot of effort to try to customize the selected ‘Project Management software’, it was agreed, after switching Integral Vision role from consultant to software provider, to use PMIV, that was required less changes.

PMIV was installed on the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge retrofit project (Project 18 and Project 16) and on the Carquinez bridge projects.